About the Artists
Hina shah  
Hina Shah
Attracted by the marvel of colours since an early age, and having been brought up in Jamshedpur, she had the opportunity to learn the art at Ravindra Parishad. Over the years, her work has been exhibited and appreciated at a number of exhibitions, Inspired by the aesthetic elements of nature, her paintings reflect a sense of beauty and balance through a variety of subjects

A multifaceted person, she is also an accomplished Odissi dancer, and the foremost exponent and practitioner of the Oddisi dance style in Gujarat. Having successfully passed on this art to both her daughters Shital and Shaina, Hina Shah has performed all over the country and received acclaims both from people and press.

Professionally, she leads International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development(ICECD) as the Director. An expert of international repute in the field of "Entrepreneurship" she has ably led ICECD to be recognized as "the Centre of Excellence" by the United Nations.
Shital Shah
Having inherited the art of painting from the family, Shital has been making oil paintings since the age of 15. The able guidance from Sri. Bharatbhai Gajjar over the past decade has polished her skills and enabled her to create some wonderful images on canvas. Though the range of subjects of her paintings is wide, she specializes in natural landscapes.

A bright student, she is a qualified MBA(specialized in Marketing) from the Gujarat University. An accomplished Kathak and Odissi classical dancer, she also acts in theatre, TV and films.

Shaina Shah  
Shaina Started dabbling with colour at an early age of 3. Her natural gift of painting is nurtured and honed under the able guidance of her guru Sri.Bharatbhai Gajjar since 1992. She also has a solo exhibition to her credit where she exhibited 200 paintings at the age of 9.

She has win a number of awards at state, national and international levels.

To List a few:

  • Gold Medal :"Best award" by Lalit Kala Parishad 2004
  • Gold Medal :by Lalit Kala Parishad 2003.
  • Uttam Purashkar : Young Envoy International 1998.
  • Excellence Award: Kangawa Bienniel World Art 1998.

Besides having learnt classical dance (Kathak and Oddisi) and having performed at various concerts, she is a qualified Chartered Accountant.